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Focus Areas

  • Improving clinical effectiveness and outcomes
  • Preparing for regulatory compliance and surveys
  • Improving workplace organization, efficiency and effectiveness using Lean methodology
  • Coaching physicians and organizational leaders to implement process improvements and develop leadership strategies
  • Providing ongoing organizational training and development
  • Identifying and addressing patient safety and risk management issues
  • Improving facilities and care environments

Important Role

For more than two decades Lisa Williams & Associates has helped guide organizations through the unique challenges of the complex healthcare environment. Lisa and her team understand the important role that healthcare organizations play in people's daily lives. This work is her love, her passion. Lisa and her team are stimulated by the challenge of bringing diverse people and ideas together to create a better experience for all those involved in the healthcare system, from healthcare administrators to patients, from doctors to nurses. One of the key benefits to the team at Lisa Williams & Associates is witnessing clients' reaction after they have achieved a goal they thought was unattainable!

Some of the Lisa Williams & Associates successes include:

  • Hospital and long-term care administration
  • Organizational change
  • Process improvement
  • Survey preparedness
  • Program development
  • Quality improvement
  • Regulatory compliance