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We made the decision in early 2012 to do a deep dive into this model of Continuous Process Improvement (CPI). Lisa led us through that exploration and then guided us through our master plan for implementing CPI. She also has played the role of executive coach, working with the C-Suite to help us develop our own CPI mindset and skill set. She's been a very effective executive coach and has the ability to help with high-level strategy. She has been helping us set up the operational infrastructure so we can carry out and sustain change in a consistent way over time.
Lloyd David, Executive Director and CEO of The Polyclinic
Lisa was our consultant as we were beginning to develop our continuous performance improvement program. She helped us conceptualize and organize the program from scratch. It went great. Lisa has a good talent for engaging different levels of the organization, whether staff at a continuous performance improvement (CPI) event or senior leadership around the more challenging aspects of developing and implementing a CPI program. She has a very nice presence. She can be politely forceful when needed and engaging and is very effective in moving a group along in a way that everyone feels engaged and involved. Lisa balances her technical expertise with the ability to meet people where they are and help them move forward on their LEAN journey.
Norm Hubbard, CEO of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
As assistant hospital administrator Lisa always took a methodical approach, always engaged the physicians to be part of the process so you could get to the solution in a relatively short period of time. She would talk to the chairs of the departments, and was good at making them understand what the regulations were. She also had a number of special projects. She brought together a team of all the stakeholders, had meetings, went over the results of those meetings and came up with a plan and made sure she had the right stakeholders to implement the plan, which is a different process than coming up with the idea. She remained engaged and tweaked the process as it was going along. She was one of our better administrators at doing that. She had almost the perfect personality for administrative work and she's very smart at it and very passionate about getting it done. She has the intellectual ability to do the job, enthusiasm about getting it done and a work ethic. She's always positive and enthusiastic, which rubbed off on folks when she was around them. Her enthusiasm motivated the rest of us.
Dr. Claude Brunson, MD, MS, CPE, Senior Advisor to the Vice Chancellor for External Affairs at University of Mississippi Medical Center, and professor of anesthesiology
Lisa's extensive experience makes her a natural for coaching healthcare executives in strategy and operations. She understands their world and is brilliant at helping them see options they might have missed otherwise. She is smart, personable and tough. Her ability to give voice to the truth of a situation has her in demand at whatever system she is coaching. She is also a skilled facilitator and mentor.
Dianne Dickerson, Principle, Dickerson Partnership
I worked with Lisa while in training as an internal consultant at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Lisa served as Expert trainer for Lean/Toyota Production System for Children's and was my coach/mentor. Lisa's knowledge of Lean and performance improvement methodologies is top-notch. She is very adept at providing challenging information to varied audiences and making it relevant to their work. Her knowledge of healthcare in general is very high, and she interacts well with clinicians and non-clinicians alike. As a mentor and coach Lisa is thorough, and detail oriented.
Chris Steffen, Specialty Care System Manager, Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
We brought Lisa in to conduct a full-day strategic planning retreat with our Board of Directors and due to Lisa's solid preparation and expert facilitation skills, we developed a great strategic direction for our organization. While I know most of Lisa's work is in the healthcare sector, we found that her expertise translated very well to the community and economic development of our non-profit organization. She was professional, enthusiastic and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her.
Matthew Bott, CEO, Issaquah Chamber of Commerce, who hired Lisa Williams as a Business Consultant
I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa for two years. I worked directly under her as she led the Lean transformation at Nemours. Lisa is an excellent executive coach. Her ability to explain Lean concepts in a context that is applicable to healthcare executives is second to none. She is also very well versed in the application of kaizen at the clinical level. She draws on her wealth of healthcare knowledge, which immediately resonates with clinicians. On a personal level, I find her to be extremely trustworthy and loyal. Lisa would be a valuable asset to any organization lucky enough to retain her services.
Aaron Kim, Owner, Simplex Improvement
Lisa is a highly sought-after Lean in Healthcare Consultant for her reliability and results-oriented work. Teams enjoy working with her because of her personality, often exhibited by her easy ability to meet people where they are while also stretching them to improve. Lisa is a great mentor and coach!
Desiree Wallace, Master Lean Internal Consultant at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
I worked with Lisa in a collaborative role in a community hospital. Her approach to any challenge was, ‘We can do this! Let’s sit down together and figure it out.’ With that positive attitude, and her wealth of practical experience, she not only exuded confidence, but made me confident of my own ability to solve problems, and think outside the box. If you are seeking someone to come along side you, and inspire you to do your best work, Lisa is the ideal choice!
Sally Lundberg, RN, BSN